1. Why do you keep yourself anonymous to your audience?

We remain anonymous so that the focus is on the music and the performance rather than the people performing. Also, we just think it looks really cool and it’s fun to dress up.

  1. What’s it been like sharing the stage with the likes of Alpha Wolf, Gravemind and The Gloom In The Corner?

Yeah it’s been really good doing shows with those guys. It’s always high energy and they have been kind enough to get us on board for our first bunch of shows. Looking forward to playing more shows with all those bands in the future.

  1. What is the best part about performing to your fans?

The best part would be demonstrating that we aren’t just another band running through their setlist for the sake of having our name on a flyer. We step up and put on a show that people walk away from and remember. Another aspect we’ve so far enjoyed is people singing along to our songs from the very first show. It definitely gives us more of a charge seeing that while we play considering how new we are as a band.

  1. Who recorded Bury You Breathing and how was it working with this person?

We recorded Bury You Breathing ourselves. One of our guitarists owns a studio and so obviously it’s a great way to work. Everyone working on the project is invested and there is little in terms of time restrictions. This is how we tracked our E.P and will continue to track in the future.

  1. Who did the video for Bury Your Breathing and what was the process of filming like?

The Clip for Bury You Breathing was shot by Michael Rout who generally works within other genres of music. The process was fantastic we basically just emailed a couple of ideas back and forward then when it came time to shoot it was all laid out and went smoothly without any issues. Given Michael works shooting film in a different style of music than we play, we thought it would be interesting to try something new. Looking forward to working with him again.

  1. What were each of the songs on your EP Minds Taken about? Why did you choose to write about those topics?

The E.P in its entirety is essentially a statement that we are unapologetic in how we sound, look and what we have to say. We’re here to step up into the heavy music platform and we don’t give a fuck about what people think. Yeah, we probably don’t fit any sort of current mould but we are doing what we want and how we want to do it… that is why people are taking notice. There is also an essence of confidence in the song content that speaks on our ability to back up what we say and do. We know we can share the stage with anyone else and hold our own when we perform and we want people to come and see that.



Delilah Rose & The Gunslingers

  1. The inspiration for Big Moon was the questions you had about life and motherhood. How has writing this EP helped you in your experiences in motherhood?

Songwriting is really cathartic. It is an expression of what I am going through at a given pint in time and may help others who are in a similar place. The inspiration for Big Moon was looking up at the moon one night, asking myself what is going on in life and realising that I don’t need all the answers. Two of the other songs on the EP are about my dad passing away and the emotions I had.

  1. Describe how the recording process was for you and the Gunslingers?
    1. What were the highlights?

I love the recording process. I loved working with producer Noah Shilkin & Elliot Smith. It was such a great experience to work with both of them. They are so knowledgeable in what they do. I love working with people who know more than I do as they were able to pull apart the songs on the EP and put them back together. I don’t have time to do that in everyday life as it is so busy, so it was great to be able to bounce ideas of Noah and Elliot.

    1. What annoyed you about the recording process?

I didn’t have the time and budget to be in the studio for a full week. I would have preferred to spend a little longer recording and perfecting the album, however time is money. I am grateful for the time the gunslingers gave towards recording the album as they sacrificed time away from their families and jobs to ensure the EP was recorded.

  1. As you have successfully crowdfunded this EP, what advice would you give to those looking to crowdfund their music in the future?

Advice I would give is to be prepared. Get all your ducks in a row before starting crowdfunding. It is Intense doing a crowdfunding for an EP so make sure you talk to people, research before crowdfunding and Ask lots of questions. I believe there is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to crowdfunding. Have a go at crowdfunding even though it is quite daunting. Most of the time people want the opportunity to help even though it is tricky to talk about yourself constantly.

4. What would you have changed about the crowdfunding process, should you do it again?

The only thing I would have changed was adding more pledges for the $20 – $50 range.

  1. How has the process of creating the Good Grief EP differed from your first EP Tinker Tailor Cowboy Sailor?

The difference between Tinker Tailor and Good Grief was that we went into the studio. I was a lot more organised for the second EP and pre-production was done. It was good to have worked with Noah before going in studio.

For Tinker Tailor I didn’t know what I was doing. It was the second time I had ever recorded myself so I didn’t know what I wanted. Tinker Tailor was also recorded in a farm house. However, I had to go through the process with Tinker Tailor to understand what I wanted for the second EP. I have learnt so much from recording both EPs.