Some insights into If The Music Fits

How did If The Music Fits Get started

If the Music Fits started as way for AJ Glew to find, listen and critique local Australian music. AJ was interested in helping bands with some exposure by writing a review on their music or live performance. AJ also wanted to help launch her career as a journalist by starting a blog/ website and writing on a topic or topics that interested her. Music, bands/ artists and the music industry was and still is an area of interest for AJ.

Once AJ had set up the website, she set up an Facebook page, Instagram profile and Twitter profile. On these profiles she updates them with the reviews she writes. AJ also started contacting Perth music pages on Facebook, asking for musicians to send through their music and press kits so that she could start reviewing music. This led to Tim Price from Collision Course contacting AJ to do reviews. AJ was ecstatic to be able to receive reviews from Tim and was excited by the idea of being put onto SCG Media database to receive press releases.

Over the last 6 months, AJ has been reviewing music from a variety of genres. AJ hopes to continue reviewing music and hopes to attend a few more gigs over the coming year.

What does If The Music Fits mean?

It The Music Fits is a play on the phrase ‘if the shoe fits’.

Why am I interested in music/ the music industry?

When I was a teenager/ early twenties, I dreamed of working and performing music. When I was 23 I went to Central Institute of Technology to study a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Music Business. During this course, I discovered I had an interest in the marketing and publicity of musicians/ bands and decided I wanted to be a publicist. Towards the end of my Diploma, there was talks that the Advanced Diploma course would not be offered unless the was enough people. I was crushed as I wanted to study the course. As a backup, I applied for a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management) at Curtin University. I sat the STAT test and managed to get an offer into university. I ended up studying the Advanced Diploma full time and doing the degree part time. When the Advanced Diploma course finished, I went to university full time. I ended up failing a unit in the Commerce degree and switching to a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communications) degree majoring in Journalism and Web Media.

Through this course, my perspective on what I want to do in the music industry has changed. While I still want to provide publicity to musicians and bands, I would like to report on their music in an objective fashion. I find joy in being able to listen to music and let the world know my perspective on their recorded music or live performance.

What do you find rewarding about the website?

I find it rewarding that people from all over the world go to the website to read what I write. I also find it rewarding when bands appreciate the reviews I make.

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